V E G A S @ 28

I recently went to Vegas for a wedding. It was an amazing trip, but quite a different experience from the many other times I’d been in my earl(ier) twenties.

I was in town for a wedding, a first for me. There was an itinerary for the weekend, so I like actually had a schedule to abide by and places I needed to be at definite times. The only obligations I’ve ever had in Vegas prior were to make it to the pool party by noon, and the club by 11 PM. And let’s be honest, sometimes even that was a struggle.

Two things happened this trip that I am pretty damn proud of myself for: my 2 AM snack of choice was a kale, brown rice & salmon salad, and I went to the gym – the first time that has EVER happened in Vegas. Or maybe ever happened on any vacation? But seriously, responsible adult game strong.

Having a real job (or friends with real jobs) equals staying in nice hotel, aka, not the Excalibur, aka not the Excalibur with 7 other humans.



Driving past a golf course on the way to the rehearsal, the thought “that looks nice out, I wouldn’t mind being out there today” ACTUALLY CROSSED MY MIND. Never mind the fact that my golf experience extends to having been to the driving range less than 10 times ever in my life, but I suppose these are the kind of thoughts that start entering your mind the further into adulthood you ascend?

So what’s the major downside to the good choices and benefits of being more of a baller in Vegas than a poor young twenty something? Took me a solid 4 days until I felt normal again. I was literally exhausted for almost a week upon my return home. 

Moral of the story – Vegas in your late twenties as opposed to earlier definitely has more pops of neon, but the hangover is so much more beige. ;) 

xoxo, Em