Ways it Pays to Fly: First Edition

As I've stated before, I am one lucky bitch when it comes to traveling; however, this is not all due to having great connections and wonderful opportunities. I've always been very vocal and active in the pursuit of my adventures. By constantly vocalizing a passion for travel, people keep that in mind and sometimes opportunities appear in places you never expected. It's also key to hunt for deals & take advantage of rewards programs. One way to do this is with Southwest Rapid Rewards points. 

I know many of you have Rapid Rewards points already, but a lot of my friends have stated that they're unsure of how to even redeem them. I'm going to give you a quick tutorial on how to properly take advantage of your Rapid Rewards. 

Step 1: Sign Up & Pay Your Dues

If you already travel a significant amount for business or for fun, you should definitely sign up for a rewards program. To specifically sign up for Southwest Rapid Rewards, go to their website. As you'll see in the image below, it's pretty straight forward. Just click "Enroll Now!" and it'll take you through the process. All the information you need is easily accessible through their Rapid Rewards page. *Note that it'll take a few bookings to rack up some points. So do NOT forget... Anytime you're traveling with Southwest, be sure to input your Rapid Rewards number. Even if you're employer books your flight, just ask if they'll input your number before booking. Boom. 

Ways it Pays to Fly | NeonBeigeLife.com

Step 2: Redemption

This is where I've had people tell me, "I'm signed up for Rapid Rewards. I have no idea how to redeem them." That's a good sign, because you probably already have some points racked up. Go ahead and proceed to book your flight, but be sure to have the fares shown in POINTS. 

Ways it Pays to Fly | NeonBeigeLife.com

Once all of the correct information has been inputed, flights will be "priced out" by points (as seen below). Here you can determine which flights you're eligible for. If you have enough points, go ahead and proceed to book! Each flight will cost you roughly a $5 fee if your rewards are redeemed. Score!

Ways it Pays to Fly | NeonBeigeLife.com

*Note that Rapid Rewards DOES NOT allow you to redeem your points if your rewards points do not exceed the amount of the flights. See step 3.

Step 3: The Loophole

This is where I've learned to get more bang for my buck. If your points are racked up just enough for one flight, but not enough for both, book your flights ONE-WAY. This way, you'll still able to reap some of the benefits of your points! Keep on flying & keep on redeeming! 

I hope this was helpful for some of you travel freaks. As an experienced travel guru, I've been able to redeem my Rapid Rewards for about 4-5 flights now over the course of a few years. Be sure to follow up for more posts on travel deals & steals! Feel free to comment with questions!

Love you long time,