NeonBride101: Have fun

The final element in the NeonBride definition is simple... HAVE FUN. It's something that should be a no brainer, but shockingly gets forgotten in the hodgepodge of DJ's, caterers, florists, tailors, rental companies, photographers, linens, venues, guest lists, hotel blocks (you get the f'ing point).  You shouldn't need us to tell you to have fun planning your wedding, but it sure is nice to be reminded! It's funny how something so easy can get lost in the hectic, stressful process of wedding planning! Do yourself a favor... Take a minute. Step back. BREATH. And remember - HAVE FUN!

If you haven't watched "How to Plan a Wedding in 10 steps" by College Humor, OMG watch it right now! This skit is a few years old, so some of you have probably already seen it. It's soooo accurate... and hilarious. It makes you realize how ridiculous planning a wedding is these days, and let's you laugh at all the shit you've been stressing out about! Talk about comic relief. 

Planning a wedding for 100+ people (or in me and Dustin's case 250 people!) is ridiculously difficult. Dustin and I have gotten in tiny tiffs over finicky details. I know it's because l'm a giant ball of anxiety and I tend to let the little things bother me - plus I want everything to just get done and keep thinking we're way behind schedule! I'm so lucky to have him remind me that this is only gonna happen once - and we need to enjoy the process as much as we can, no matter how ludicrous society and outside pressures can get. In the end, it's going to be one fun-ass party, filled with everyone we love... and the things I've been stressing over aren't going to matter. It took me a few months to realize this, but seriously... EVERYTHING WILL BE OK. 

Despite all of the hiccups, Derek and Sugi have learned to pivot and solve problems along the way which has made the planning process lighter and much more enjoyable than originally anticipated (especially considering how much others emphasized the difficulty). Derek and Sugi realized that they are stressed enough at their jobs... her running a company, and him up at 6AM and home after 6PM almost every day. The last thing they need is to put any sort of stress or strain on their relationship. Creating and understanding the first and second elements of the NeonBride definition have led them here... to having fun! 

This process allows you to grow closer as a couple, and honestly we've been having a blast... making sure to reconnect each step of the way. We acknowledge the drama and stress that has tried to knock us over (especially the whirlwind in the beginning), but we always prevail. Being a united front, being open and honest about budget, and remaining true to ourselves has made this process great! We're no experts, but somehow both Sugi and I are able to run a business, be a maid of honor (plus a bridesmaid in 3 other weddings for Sugi), AND have fun planning a wedding with our fiances. We must be doing something right! 

This concludes the 3 elements of the NeonBride definition! Thanks for sticking with us as we explained what being a NeonBride was all about. Coming up... what's the deal with bridesmaids, showers, and bachelorette parties!? Stay tuned, and we'll fill you in.