NeonBroads: Farewell

Well everyone, that's it's for the NeonBroads and #1MonthAbroad.  That's not to say they won't be stopping by every now and again to give us a little love, but for now, Fender and Maloney are gonna do their own thang around the world! But, before they go, they wanted to personally say goodbye.   

Also... if you haven't followed them yet, what in the world are you waiting for?! @travelerbroads | 

Fender & Maloney... Out

Awww! You guys are seriously the best!

You've stuck with us from the icebergs of Iceland all the way down to the beaches of Southern France.

Be proud! That's longer than my external battery stayed with us AND longer than Maloney kept a pair of flip flops intact. (#RIPLefty)

We have had so much fun sharing our travel tips with you guys. All joking aside, travel planning can be overwhelming. We *totally* get it. So, if you have any questions about vacay destinations, long term travel, what to pack (ahem, NeonBroads shirts, obvi!) or anything else, get in touch! You deserve the best trip ever, and we would love to help.

And, as we make our exit, we'd be remiss if we didn't thank the allstars behind Neon Beige Life, our absolute favorite Tom babes ever: Allison and Nicole. If I had a dollar for every time Maloney or I said "We should put that on a t-shirt," we'd be staying at a Hilton right now instead of a hostel. We literally had no idea how to make it happen. Then the Internet gods brought us those two, they walked us through it step by step and cracked us up the whole time. In short, they are totally fucking amazing, just thought y'all should know!

As for us? Well, we're off to Spain next and then Morocco and then... Well, you guys know how we feel about planning. Maybe Tokyo? Follow along on Insta, Facebook and our blog.

Maloney and I may be signing off the NeonBeige blog (for now), but all those cute travel tees, tanks and tops are staying right where they are in the store. So, you know, tell your frands and your frenemies!

And wish us luck ;)

Bless, auf wiedersehen, sbohem, arrivederci, and au revoir!

~ Fender & Maloney

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