NeonBroads: Meet Maloney & Fender

Before we let these two NeonBabes tell you what they're all about, we wanted to give you a little introduction as to how Maloney and Fender (the Traveler Broads) became part of our lives.  Like a lot of relationships nowadays, it all started on social media... Instagram to be exact.  To sum it up, Traveler Broads started a mini convo on a promo pic we posted of our Flamingoals shirt.   Of course we were flattered that someone liked our shit, so we wrote back.  Then, like any natural social media enthusiast - we started following (*cough* stalking) them on Instagram and Snapchat. After stalking... I mean researching them - we saw how incredibly NeonBeige they truly were! Like come on, these chicks had posts on parties, junk food, alcohol, costumes and amazing adventures from all over the globe! It didn't take us long to realize we were social media and blog soul mates!  So, the chatting on social continued, contact info was exchanged, and eventually we joined forces to bring you this dope-ass collaboration - NeonBroads! In true NeonBeige fashion, Maloney and Fender are doing it for themselves, traveling the world, and living a Neon lifestyle on a Beige budget! For more, follow them on Instagram at @travelerbroads, and check out their site here.  

Without further adieu,  we'll let Fender and Maloney tell you all about this fun adventure and what's to come! 

Frenemies at the gate

Travel buddies watch your bag while you pee at the airport. Travel frenemies do too -- but you might be missing a lipstick when you get back.

We're Fender and Maloney aka the Traveler Broads, and we definitely fall into the second category. After more than a year of talking about it (and a whopping two weeks of planning), we are super pumped to be starting our six month-long world tour that will take us to Iceland, Ireland, Prague, Provence and... ummmm. We'll get back to you.

Maloney and I met *cough cough* years ago working at a Baton Rouge newspaper. Back then, I'm pretty sure we were just regular friends. She bought me my first thrift store sequin gown for a Mardi Gras event and cemented my forever love of costuming. I let her turn the living room of my shotgun apartment into a bedroom for a while, prompting one editor to famously call us "a couple of big girls" living in close quarters. (Because we're tall, okay?!)

Looking back, those were probably the first and last nice things we ever did for each other.

Just how we came to be frenemies is sort of a mystery. It almost certainly has something to do with a mutual love of snark, pranks and one-upmanship. Neither of us minds being the butt of a joke, as long as it's funny. Like when Maloney told her young niece and nephew I was an honest-to-god monster. Or when I "accidentally" messed up shaving the side of her head for our Snapchat audience. (JK. I am for real bad at that, and beer didn't help.) God knows what a therapist would say about our mutual compulsion to entertain people, but we're having fun!  

A little more than a year ago, we decided to take the show on the road.

In what I'm going to call her mid-life crisis, Maloney decided to quit her job as a New Orleans wedding photographer and travel the world. (Beaches not bitches, baby!) Since I was already rolling in dough as a freelance travel writer in San Francisco, I immediately said "yes!" and signed up for a new credit card.

So basically, that's what we do now: Take trips, drink a lot, post embarrassing pictures of each other on the internet, and compete to see who can find the best sunnies. It's not a bad life. But this trip is by far the biggest – and most challenging – either of us have ever taken.  

We’ve been super busy for the last few months telling each other to research stuff we don't want to, relaunching our website (yay!) and working on a project with our fabulous new social media soulmates at Neon Beige Life! We seriously can't believe how lucky we are to find ladies who just "get" us!

And while our itinerary may not be fully planned, thanks to Allison and Nicole, our wardrobe definitely is! We literally just finished sitting on our suitcases praying for the zippers to hold because they're packed with so much win. And we cannot wait to show you guys!

Stay tuned!

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