New York Fashion Week, Here We Come!

Allison was packing her bags as I was typing this last week - she went to New York Fashion Week last Wednesday for the first leg of festivities! I just started a new job, so unfortunately I wasn't able to go. Even though I'm insanely jealous I couldn't attend, I'm over the moon that she got to partake in this incredible experience - soaking up the productive energy and bouncing ideas off all the creative minds in the Big Apple! [WTF?! Did this really happen?!]

The last time Allison went to New York was early 2016. She went to visit her friend, Brittany. Ever since then, she's been dying to go back. So when Brittany called her and asked if she wanted to attend Fashion Week, she jumped on the opportunity. She'd get to network at blogging conferences and social media events... oh and stay at Brittany's place for free! All she had to do was buy a plane ticket. With a little nudge from Kelsie (a dear friend, and fellow NeonBabe), their flights were booked. 

Of course the first thought that came to Allison's head was... "What in the world am I going to wear?". If you're a TomBabe like us, we don't have the most fashion-forward closets. Most of our stuff consists of H&M items circa 2015, with some bargain boutique finds sprinkled in. I mean, we're struggling entrepreneurs. Unfortunately this means all our money goes into the business, and our style tends to gets pushed to the back-burner. Don't get me wrong, we still consider ourselves somewhat stylish  - just not "New-York-Fucking-Fashion-Week-stylish".  So this got us thinking... we needed help! 

After brainstorming with Kelsie, we decided to hit up a local boutique in Los Gatos called Bella Rosa. Bella Rosa kept organically popping up in Kelsey's Instagram feed - so she had the genius idea of reaching out to them and just asking if they'd be open to helping us. After a phone call, and an in-person meeting - they agreed! 

Bella Rosa could not have been more perfect! Kelsie lives in Lulu Lemon, and Allison is notorious for casual shirts and jeans with Chucks. We're TomBabes after all. So when a high-end boutique with exquisite taste and exceptional style agreed to show us the ropes and teach us how to dress for NYFW, we just about shit our pants. More importantly, the owner, Gina is very passionate about fashion AND philanthropy. It just so happened that one of the main events Allison and Kelsie were invited to at fashion week was hosted by The Set NYC (a fashion organization dedicated to giving back to the community). The particular show they attended was to support Freedom Ladder (an incredible cause with the mission to create a world free of child exploitation). We'll save that story for another post!

Needless to say, it was pure organic magic working with Gina and her team at Bella Rosa along side Fashion Blogger + Photographer, Paulina Perruci. They really know their stuff. They are super enthusiastic and made Allison and Kelsie feel so comfortable. Even though Allison and Kelsie were quite nervous (because true fashion is uncharted territory), the ladies at Bella Rosa took extensive time to explain trending styles and make them feel completely at ease. The experience was like raiding a friend's closet! The styles that Gina and Paulina chose for them were clothes they always wished they could wear, but never thought they'd be able to pull off... and they were both so stoked at the results! 

Allison's body type is a little more boxy, and athletically built - with broad shoulders and a solid booty. So she was nervous to tell them her sizes, and skeptical that the clothes they'd choose for her wouldn't fit her build. Paulina and Gina really took this into account and made her feel super comfortable, and every article of clothing she tried on was phenomenal!

Kelsie is slender with a slightly larger bust line. She's used to clothes hanging off of her, but again - Paulina and Gina worked their magic and found items that perfectly accentuated her body. 

Judging off past experiences and the stigma of high fashion, boutiques tend to be stuffy and uncomfortable to be in. The clothing is always too expensive and the people behind the counter never seem to really care. That's truly not the case at Bella Rosa! They create a very relaxed atmosphere, and actually make shopping fun and easy! We might not be able to afford all the clothes, but we did get a sense of what styles we like and walked away with a few items that really make a statement! Stay tuned to hear more about the shows and see the outfits Bella Rosa helped us choose for NYFW... we can't wait to show them off!