American Tradition (Part III)

We have a few more American Traditions we'd like to share! With family's all over the place, the holidays can get complicated.  Not everyone's family lives in the same town, so visiting all of them in one day can be tricky, or just not doable - then adding a significant other to the mix can get even trickier. But, despite the distance - neon linings are found, loved ones still gather, and traditions are carried on!

Allie's American Tradition

With my family all over the place, and now switching off holidays with the boyfriend's family, things can get kind of jumbled. Lately, it's been Thanksgiving at the beach with my mom, then Christmas with my dad filled with eggnog and brandy. We always have to "stick to the list" when it comes to dad's Christmas list, and we always try making dinner early (like normal people), but we end up getting drunk! So, dinner time goes from starting at 3pm to realistically eating at 8.

When we celebrate Christmas with mom, we always get our own hand-made stocking filled with our favorites. This has never changed... ever since I can remember.


Emily's American Tradition

Coming from divorced parents, I have several different holiday traditions, each one unique to that side of the family. One of my most favorite traditions is having a crab feed with my dad and brother around Christmas time. It's a perfectly simply meal of crab, salad, maybe some sourdough bread, and champagne. I've come to cherish our holiday tradition and hope to carry it on with my own family someday.