Welcome! We’re Allison Sugahara (aka Sugi) and Nicole Lorange. We’re two friends just trying to broaden perspectives. We're unconventional, and highlight those who are unconventional, too! Together we own NeonBeigeLife where our philosophy is: “Embrace all of life’s NEON and BEIGE moments”. 

We started this idea in 2015, and (much like life) have gone through some NEON + BEIGE times. If you’re new to NB… read on as we reintroduce ourselves. And for those of you who know what we’re all about, thanks for sticking around!

We were inspired to create this site (and lifestyle) because of our badass group of friends. Over the years we've witnessed this group of girls do amazing things, and pushing competition aside, we've always supported each other and given praise to help uplift one another. We are each SO different, and these differences help us learn and grow. And so, we want to share our understanding and personal growth with you... we want to connect and share stories with those that have the same mindset. 

Our bottom line? We want to provide unconventional realness. You know that saying “don’t compare your hustle to someone’s highlight reel”?  Well, we’re showing you that hustle… no highlight reel here! We want to expose the good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly so we can accept and understand all of it. This is a space to be fully ourselves, and a place where you can be fully yourselves. It’s a place to explore who you are, and who you want to become. It’s a place to meet people who are like you, and a place to learn from others nothing like you.

Our goal is for you to have a place to read relatable stories about life, and to entertain you with fun, weird, informative and fascinating information! But mostly, it’s a place for all of us to gain new perspectives. And our underlying message is forever focused on positivity + authenticity.  

So, here’s to the tombabes, the bosses, the feminists, the rebels, the hustlers, the educators, the learners, the adventurers, and the visionaries. Cheers to trying, failing, dreaming big and above all else … embracing the BEIGE and finding that NEON.