Thoughts on 31 So Far: Love, Sugi

November 1, 2018

As usual, it’s been a minute since we’ve written anything. We all know life gets a little crazy, and it is definitely hard to keep up. I recently celebrated my 31st birthday and I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the last year... Not because I’m having a quarter life crisis or anything, but because I’ve had a fucking crazy awesome year, and I am celebrating myself in hopes that you’ll feel inspired to do the same.

These last several years have been a rollercoaster for me. Not sure how many people know, but roughly 5.5 years ago, I took a giant leap into the abyss and started a very unconventional journey… a journey that probably made people think I was legit crazy. This journey lead me down a path of challenges, self discovery, excitement, exhaustion, stress, happiness… exhaustion, stress lol… a path otherwise labeled as entrepreneurship. Yeah I know that word makes me sound kind of like a douche, but I took a huge risk to start my own business, and the road to get HERE was not fucking easy. At one point, I worked 6 different jobs in desperate need of ONE opportunity and in desperate need of money while I fought to become my own boss. There were a few times I seriously considered throwing in the towel. The entire story is grueling, and one that I am immeasurably proud of, but I’m not here to talk about the entire journey or the challenges I’ve faced. I’m here to acknowledge and appreciate that journey... and share my joy, because something about my 30th year changed everything.

October 27, 2018

We were sitting around a table for my intimate birthday gathering last weekend, and one of my dear friends and I were having a conversation. I was surrounded by some of my favorite people and watching them effortlessly connect with one another. I told her how full I felt in that moment, and she prompted me to really soak it in. She said, “YOU created this moment. YOU brought these people together, and this is a reflection of YOU. ” 😳😭 Mind blown much? I thought this was awesome, not just because she was showering me with compliments (🙏🏼🙌🏼😂), but because rarely do we ever take a moment to stop and look at the view or even give ourselves credit for what we’ve achieved. Sometimes we get so caught up in focusing on the things (operative word being things) that we think will bring us joy when in reality, sometimes we need to take a moment just to appreciate how much we already have.

My friend proceeded to ask me about my absolute favorite memories from last year and what I look forward to in the next. She then asked for everyone’s attention while I took the time to share. I also thought this was cool, because I was reminded of all the good experiences that brought me to this very moment and how many of my friends were there to listen, support, love, and cheer me on. I would highly encourage everyone to try this exercise, because it feels fucking good… and because everyone deserves to be lifted up and, in turn, be prompted to lift + empower others around you. You might be surprised at what you uncover.. or heck, you might just enjoy taking a moment to appreciate yourself and your hard work.

So without further adieu, I’d like to share with you what I shared in that moment with my friends. I present my favorite moments from my 30th year and what I look forward to in my 31st:

memorable moments from my 30th year:

  1. My husband quitting his cushy full time job to become my business partner at my creative agency, Polygon Market.
    *empowered me to really step up as a leader and allowed me to focus on the parts of my business that I love the most: creativity + community connection

  2. Pitching my first $300k job to a reputable corporate company.
    *reminded me how much support I have in this journey, but also validated my capabilities (not to mention, this was the largest job I’ve ever bid x100)

  3. Booking my first major contract with a Forbes top 100 company.
    *hired our friends (a husband + wife team) and faced new challenges together

  4. Working with our friend and life + business coach, Sandra Garcia.
    *reframed my mindset + challenged myself to make the changes I wanted to see in my life

  5. Being a guest on my friend Sandra’s podcast.
    *received an overwhelmingly loving response but most importantly, heard my story through my own voice, and wasn’t afraid to hear it 

  6. Finally letting go of stress, fear, and anxiety over questioning my ability to succeed.
    *got out of my own way, so I could step in and do the work without any crippling fear

  7. Celebrating major milestones for friends + family.
    *parenthood, marriage, engagements, advancements in careers, more passions pursued, big moves, my mom retired, my dad retired, my step dad recovered from heart surgery, and my grandma celebrated her 95th birthday- this list could seriously go on forever

  8. Spending quality time with the ones I love most + myself.
    *learned how to conserve my energy + maximize my time to be my most productive self while simultaneously strengthening my deepest relationships

What I look forward to striving for in 2019 and my 31st year:

    *continue to cultivate inspiration, beauty, experiences, empowerment, connections, positivity, and authenticity and share that with as many people as I can

  2. Sharing more of my voice + perspective through media platforms.
    *it’s time to fully commit to this, right?

  3. Hosting a launch party for Polygon Market.
    *a celebration of creatives who never had the chance to officially “launch”

  4. Creating the shared workspace of our dreams.   
    *provide a place for our vendors and clients to connect + collaborate

  5. Hiring more talented, passionate creatives.
    *continue to connect people, communities, organizations, and businesses

  6. Continue to spend quality time with family + friends.
    *because nothing else matters more than this :)

  7. Continue to spend quality time with myself.
    *allow myself to keep dream larger, expand my creativity to new heights, and fill my cup in order to fill others’

Writing this down makes everything incredibly real for me, and I thank you for taking the time to read about these special moments. I hope you appreciate my candid honesty. If you feel compelled to share all of your favorite memories + milestones in the last year, we’d absolutely love to hear your stories. Please comment below or send us a message! We love you lots. Love, Sugi (+ Nicole)

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