Emily's NeonBeige Story

I have been trying to fit myself into the business world since I graduated college in 2009. I’ve worn many hats - event planner, executive assistant, marketing coordinator, HR, all kinds of admin work. But it took me landing a ‘dream job’ at a ‘dream company’ to realize that this career path and world just was not me. I am not business minded, I don’t care about the bottom line, and I most definitely don’t get overly excited about working for someone else’s dream. So, I parted ways with an opportunity I had initially thought would be my career for a very long time, for what? Still kinda figuring that out ;) 

For a few years Sugi, Nicole and I had been talking about doing something with the concept of NeonBeige – the name we started calling our group of friends a few years back. Where we landed and got stoked about, was a lifestyle blog for women that reflected our NeonBeige attitude towards life, and offered a different perspective than what else is out there. I have no idea what’s in store for us with this endeavor - how far we will run with it and what doors it will open. But I am pretty excited about the possibilities and am super grateful to be on this journey with two women I’m blessed to call best friends. Here’s to the unexpected doors life opens and closes the adventures that result!

xoxo, Emily