NeonBeige: Sugi's Perspective

I’m certain each version of how NeonBeige came to be is a little different, because truthfully, the concept of NeonBeige has been in development for a long time… Even before the name was accidentally created. It actually blossomed over a standard debate between Corrie and Emily over the movie Precious... and her favorite color. I'm not joking. Emily argued it was neon beige, and after finding out it was actually fluorescent beige, she proceeded to call our group of friends #NeonBeige. (Little backstory: Emily is notorious for trying to start trends. Just like that time she tried to make Craynar happen... (Stop trying to make fetch happen). This trend, however, actually stuck with the group. But it was the slow and unique development of our friendships that inspired me to start this blog. 

fluorescent beige

I met my NeonBeige loves in college.

-       the perfect place to fully be yourself

-       the perfect place to explore who you want to become

-       the perfect place to meet people who are totally unlike you

-       the perfect place to learn about others and gain new perspectives

Naturally, I think this is why college is the place you find people you become best friends with for the rest of your life. If you're lucky enough, you find people you instantly vibe with and want to hang out with forever. Like… “We are having children at the same time” kind of shit. #gobigorgohomo

There truly is something unique about this group of friends though. Not only are these ladies honest and straightforward, they are kind, open-minded, and trustworthy. The type of trust I'm talking about is that safe zone and support system that provides you with courage to explore your true passions and continue to learn, change, and grow: nurturing but tough. I can't stress enough how hard that is to find amongst girls these days. Throughout all life scenarios, this group has been a strong foundation for happiness and love through positivity, encouragement, laughter, and reason. We all crave adventure, share the same crude, disgusting humor, embrace spontaneity, and give recognition and praise to those that deserve it often. We are also SO different, but we learn from each other and we teach each other. We are indeed a rare breed of girl.

There has been a recent movement praising the "Betches" of the world. Apparently nice girls don't have much pull, and you've got to be beautiful, rich, true to the core bitch to get what you want. This minor set back makes me feel a little discouraged in the human race, and more specifically, my fellow ladies. I think there has been something lost along the way as technology grows and we are polluted with so many opinions. It's hard to sift through all of it to find what you're truly seeking. Just be sure not to compromise your integrity and morals in the process. Somehow we've all developed a stronger sense of entitlement, and while I agree that assertiveness, a little tough love, and confidence go a long way, I firmly believe that what you put into the universe is what you get in return. So have good intentions... Seriously.

We’re here to remind you that easy going girls are just as badass. We're here to be your friend, bring you back down to earth, perhaps lend a reasonable perspective, and help you find positivity when you seem to have misplaced your own. We are a dying breed of “chill girls”, and we’ve realized that it's time to put our rally caps on and join forces. We need to find each other and come together. We need to be there for each other, like girls always should. Trust me when I say respectable men prefer a laid back gal to a crazy, controlling one. I’m a human’s human, so let's start being chill humans, k? 

This post is a tribute to my friends, and how much I appreciate them. I'd like to share them with the world and shout on the rooftops, "I love my best friends!" You should too. Welcome to Neonbeige. I hope you’re ready to be a girl people actually like. Sorry I’m harsh, but remember... I’m a friend. 

Love you long time.

- Sugi out