ULTIMATE Guide for Last Minute Dad Day Plans

What? Father's Day is this Sunday? ... Shit. 

I mean, don't get me wrong, we all love our parents and love celebrating them on a day they really deserve, but sometimes we children are forgetful. Some years, you can proudly say that you've really outdone yourself, but sometimes life takes over and then you realize you're three days away from Father's Day and you have nothing...Oops.

I will embarrassingly admit that this has for sure happened to me... once. *ahem... yeah. 

So, naturally (you know, from this one time), I've become very savvy in this department. Lucky for you, I've laid out some suggestions that may spark some ideas for you. Sort of an "insert here" guide to help tailor something fun and thoughtful for good ol' Dad. 

For those who are BROKE as a JOKE


  • Games in the Park: Games anywhere actually. Tennis, basketball, corn hole, football, catch, frisbee, volleyball, badminton, beer pong, flip cup... Should I go on? 
  • Driving Range: Don't know how to golf? Ask Dad to teach you! Either way, a bucket o' balls is super cheap.
  • Backyard Camping: Pitch a tent or a make shift fort over a huge air mattresses fortress, and get the whole family to pretend camp in the backyard like when you were kids. Feel free to add beer and board games to make it feel less lame.


  • Picnic at the Beach: Pick up your favorite sandwiches, pre pack a cooler full of beer, and chill out on the beach. You don't really need much else, but the small efforts will seem great.
  • Drive in Movie: Duhhhh. *Put together a little bucket full of all his favorite snacks.
  • Hiking: For those who have active fathers, take him on a getaway hike. Drive an hour and try something new! On your way back home, stop at that one famous place known for their really good somethings and treat yo'self.
  • Picnic at a FREE Concert: My lovely hometown of Los Gatos starts it's Summer Concert series, Music in the Park, and it's the perfect hangout for Dad because he absolutely loves music. If you don't live in Los Gatos like most of the people in the world, literally just Google "free summer concerts" and stuff in your area will pop up. *Also try your town's local event calendar. And don't forget to pre pack the picnic!


  • Movie Marathon: Order a pizza, drink brews, and just watch all of Dad's favorite movies at home.
  • Pool Hall: The Bad News: You'll be surrounded by old men. The good news: It's really inexpensive, and sometimes old men can be funny.
  • Bocce Ball: Again with the old men.
  • Sports Bar: Share a pizza and some wings, order a pitcher and watch someone else's cable.
  • Karaoke Night: Hey, some dads love it.


  • Movie Marathon: Sneak some wine into the theater in your massive purse, then stick around after the first movie and sneak a double feature. 
  • Jam Sesh: Spend a day trying to teach your dad how to use Spotify. Make a personal playlist together. *Take it one step further by taking Dad to the music store. Try out all of the sweetest guitars, keyboards, or other instruments just for fun!

Just Plain THOUGHTFUL (BROKE version)

  • Homemade Gifts: I know it sounds cheesy, but I'm not talking about noodle necklaces here. I'm talking about practical, useable, kind of cool or funny shit.  
    • Inside Joke Tee: So what if you don't know how to design, you can still create a funny saying on a shirt in the CustomInk design lab. Create the shirt, send off for print, and print out the proof for Dad to see what's coming. If you are a designer, even better.
    • Coffee Mug: If Dad's old mug is just barely hanging on, maybe it's time you went down to your local pottery painting studio and painted him a new mug. When it's all finished, buy some coffee beans from a local coffee shop to pair with it. 
    • Practical Items: You'd be surprised as to how easy some DIY projects can be. You've maybe given up on Pinterest, and you're stumped, because you just don't know what to search. Have you ever tried searching how to make, deco-page, or paint on... coasters? garden signs? house signs? monograms? birdhouses? boxes? wine racks? literally ANYTHING. Most of these truly aren't that difficult.

For those who have A LITTLE more CASH


  • Outdoor Shooting Range: Go out thur and shoot sum stuff. 
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride: Say whaaaaaat? If it's something near you, why not!
  • Sky Diving: For the extreme Dads like mine. 
  • Indoor Rock Climbing: Ahhhh. You forgot that was even a thing, didn't you?


  • Baseball Game: Set some time aside to take Dad out to the ballgame. *Tickets can be gifted in a little beer mug with some peanuts and cracker jacks. If you're feeling extra generous, throw in a new hat.
  • Dad Day BBQ: Solo or group date style. Either plan with mom and your siblings or divide and conquer. Grab your dad's best friends' families and plan one massive BBQ for everyone. Hello? Sunday Funday anyone? 
  • BBQ Extension: Take the above idea and combine it with sloshball. If your dad is super into his Wednesday night softball beer league, get all his buddies out for a good ol' game of sloshball. You'll need a keg.
  • A Local Getaway Trip: Book a trip! Dad's miss quality time with us now that we're all grown up and are too busy having too many friends. This is something easy and fun to plan! Try a camping trip to Big Sur, booking a cabin in Tahoe, or booking a bungalow at the beach, there's plenty to do around you. You just need to think reasonable and easy. Nothing crazy!


  • Spa Day: No seriously. Dads like that shit too. 
  • Broga: (Term coined by my mom) Maybe your once active dad is suffering from pains, and he needs a good stretch. Take him to a calming yoga class to help him really relax. If Dad is an avid brogi, try a power or Bikram class.
  • Dinner: Take Dad to his favorite restaurant. It doesn't have to be super fancy, but he'll really appreciate you picking up the check. Even if it's that old burger joint down the street. 
  • Comedy Night: Book a night for you and Dad at the comedy club. Check your local Improv for upcoming shows, and pair it with pre show dinner and drinks.


  • Beer Tour: Venture to a local city that has a couple breweries, call an Uber (or Lyft) and go beer. Same goes for wine touring, yo. *Gift with beer mugs and some craft brews.
  • Wine & Apps: Go to a local winery and do a tasting, then proceed to wine bar and cheese plate. Going wine tasting feels fancy already, the extra effort is by association. 
  • Lesson Learned: Has Dad ever had an interest in playing guitar? Perhaps he's always wanted to take a photography class? Or he wants to learn more about wine. In any case, whatever your dad may have an interest in, buy him a few introduction sessions, lessons. This is not only an incredibly thoughtful gift, but a way for him to really enjoy quality time alone.

Just Plain THOUGHTFUL (NOT BROKE version)

  • Party Packs: I recently gifted an anti stress box for my mom for Mother's Day. It contained all things to relieve stress, and it was awesome to see how excited she was to get a goodie box of random thoughtfulness. This box can be a whole mix of things depending on the giftee. The important thing to note is stick to a theme:
    • Beer Box: beer mug set, craft beers from BevMo, beer mix, NOHO (hangover remedy - available at BevMo), and beer tasting book.
    • Dad's Favorite Things: Kali Heart Pinot Noir, a couple of his favorite DVDs, tickets to the local wine walk next month, a couple cigars, a playlist of all of his favorite songs on Spotify, and a jar of kimchi from that local market.
    • Man Survival Box: Beef jerky, a hip but age appropriate tee, sunflower seeds, mixed nuts, an extra pair of headphones, dramamine, advil, gum, and an amazon gift card.

In the end, it doesn't really matter what you do. Your dad will appreciate any amount of effort you take even if it's just spending time with him. Hopefully I provided a solid idea platform to help brighten that lightbulb in your head. Happy Early Dad Day!

Love you Long Time,