Your Guide to Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday [suhn-dey, fuhn-dey] 

a day dedicated to all things fun and enjoyable, held on a Sunday, meant to lift the spirits of all partaking and give that extra boost of happiness needed to face the inevitable coming of Monday (arguably the worst day of the week.)

Whether your version of Sunday Funday includes games, nature, various tastings, or couch potato-ing, here are some tips to help make it the most fun day.

Essentially, you need three things for a successful Sunday Funday. See below:

Friends to enjoy the festivities with

·      Everything is more enjoyable with good people to enjoy it with, so by all means, the more the merrier when it comes to Sunday Funday! Grab your best buds who always seem to bring a positive vibe with them whatever they do, and get planning your day! *Note: this is not a mandatory ingredient. If you need an alone day, Sunday Funday can work perfectly fine by your lonesome.

A location

·      Almost any place is a blank canvas for your Funday. You just need to pick a locale that goes along with your activity. Softball = park. Movie marathon = friend's house with the most couches. Golf = this one should be obvious. And speaking of activities:         

Activity to enjoy

·      Is a hike and picnic in the mountains your happy place? Maybe a backyard party? Or is flag football at the beach more your thing? The options are endless when it comes to Sunday Funday activities – only requirement is you have a blast doing it. Here are a few of our personal favorite Sunday Funday activities to give you some inspo:

·       Game day - cornhole, basketball, trivia, sloshball, all games all day!

·       Pool Party - floaties and 90s jams are all that's needed.

·       Beer & Burger Tasting - each friend or couple brings a different type of beer/burger and voila! instant happiness.

·       Scenic drive/exploration day - just get in the car and go! Who knows where you'll end up or what you will see, and that is what makes it fun. 

·       DIY day - Pick a craft you and your friends have been wanting to make and give it a try. Adding wine is never a bad idea too. 

·       Video Games - playing old school and new school games on the couch with your best friends, literally what could be better? #Mariocartforthewin. 

 Pick your poison

·      This last component is optional, but if you plan on keeping Sunday Funday rolling for a few good hours, energy in the form of food and liquids is always a bueno idea. Whatever your choice of food and drink is, make sure there's enough for all. A potluck or BYOB is always a good option. Perhaps you could theme the refreshments around the whole day.  

Now that you have all the parts needed to enjoy your very own Sunday Funday, what are you waiting for? Have fun! 

Stay tuned for our series of creative Sunday Fundays you can have year round!