Managing Fantasy Sports 101

Being a Fantasy Sports Manager is not something I take lightly.

I’ve committed -- I paid my dues, did the research, drafted my team and set my week-one lineup.

There are 24-weeks of fantasy play in most MLB leagues and 16 for the NFL. That’s where you start; you must commit.

Hi, my name is.

What’s in a name? Well, everything, when it comes to fantasy sports.

Yahoo! defaults to something like Jesse’s Jazzy Team or Carrie’s Cool Squad. Delete that immediately.

Your fantasy name should be a fun play on words. Something about a team, or your favorite player. Get creative. Think “Do the Sankey Leg,” for Tennessee Titans RB Bishop Sankey, or “Hyde Your Kids Hyde Your Wife,” for 49ers RB Carlos Hyde.

Be a Draft Queen.

Study. Take notes. Create a player queue; a list of guys who you would take if they’re available. Whether you pick first or 12th, you have the ability to draft a winning team if you know what you’re looking for.

The first couple picks are usually cake. There are about 15-20 players who will generally go in order. Your Mike Trout’s, Miguel Cabrera’s, Aaron Rodgers’ and Marshawn Lynchs’.

From there you see what’s left. Where is the most value you can get out of a player at each draft spot? In baseball you want to make sure you’re either taking quality pitching or run power. In football, you don’t want to waste early picks on running backs (unless they’re Marshawn-esqu). Secure a killer WR or a top-3 QB. If you’re not getting Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, you can pick up a decent QB in the later rounds.

NEVER, I MEAN NEVER, draft a kicker or defense before you have your starters.

My favorite picks are the super-late-round sleeper players; the guys no one is talking about, you steal with one of your last couple picks, and they BLOW UP during the season. Think NY Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. or Bengals RB Jeremy Hill in 2014.

Never join a league, then fade.

There are few things more frustrating than seeing Bryce Harper ride the pine on some clown’s 12th place team, or worse watching Steeler’s Antonio Brown run around for 1600 beautiful but useless yards on top of 13 wasted touchdowns on a seldom-checked roster.

Managing fantasy teams takes a lot of time and patience. From preparing for the draft, to managing the team throughout the season. I check my MLB rosters every morning and multiple times throughout the day (I have a full-time, crazy job, I promise). NFL rosters get a peek throughout the week, especially if you have injured players, and get my full attention on Sundays. You have to make sure your starting lineup is actually starting.

Beyond that, check out the waiver wire on the reg. See who is available. Whose name do you keep hearing on Sportscenter or FOX Sports LIVE? Which rookie is about to get his first start? Some of the best players on your team at the end of the season might not have started there.

Talk that talk.

Talking trash is key when playing fantasy sports.

This is not the time to be a lady. It’s time to let out your inner Beast Mode.

When someone makes a bad draft choice you let them know-- “Money Manziel” chose a defense in the fourth round (see above)? Channel your inner RiRi and wax poetic. “A-A-Ron RodGers” dropped a struggling Emmanuel Sanders right before you picked him up and he went off? Let’em hear it!

With a killer roster on your hands, time and dedication, you’re ripe for a dominant fantasy year. It also doesn’t hurt either that you can hang around the water cooler at work (do people do that anymore?) and casually discuss how Amari Cooper is just what the Raiders need to get going this season.

Am I obsessed? Maybe.

Would some say nerdy? Who cares what some say! Who does “some” think they are, anyway?

Do I manage a badass, winning fantasy team? Yes. Yes, I do.

Cherry on top: Is my team better than all half those dude who thought I was just the token girl in the league? You better believe it. #Boss.

-Sara Ramsey

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