Mermaid Beer Bong

Beer bongs are a staple at most college parties.  We always had one handy whenever there was a get-together, large or small, just to add that extra element of fun. It's a symbol of youth, good times, and of course... getting absolutely hammered. For ya'll in the south, you might know it better as "funneling". For those of you who have no idea what a beer bong is, click here.  

People have come up with some pretty creative beer bongs.  There's your classic beer bong with a funnel, tube and valve... then there are multiple-person beer bongs, multiple story beer bongs, bedazzled beer bongs, animal shaped beer bongs (shout out to the Flabongo)... the list can go on and on.  

A while back, my friend Kaylie and I were discussing how we haven't done a beer bong in forever.  Kaylie's 28th birthday was coming up so I decided in that moment I'd make her a beer bong as a gift... but not just any old beer bong - a mermaid beer bong! Because anyone who knows Kaylie knows her love for mermaids.

I did some research to try and get ideas, but turns out -  a mermaid beer bong has never been done before!  So, without further adieu...

How to Make a Mermaid Beer Bong

Items Needed: 

1. Beer Bong (I bought mine pre-made from Spencers)

2. Sparkle Duct Tape (I found Blue and Purple at Staples) 

3. Medium to Large Cardboard Box 

4. Box Cutter 

5. Hot Glue Gun

6. Sparkle Paint (optional)

7. Bedazzles (optional)


1. Wrap the beer bong and funnel with sparkle tape 

2. Lay the cardboard box flat, and draw the shape of mermaid tail desired

3. Cut out mermaid tail with box cutter

4. Take mermaid tail cut out, and trace on another piece of cardboard then repeat step 3 to create other side of mermaid tail

5. Duct tape one side (or both sides if not painting other side) of mermaid tails with other sparkle duct tape color

6. Paint other side of tail (if not duct taping) with sparkle paint, let dry

7. Hot Glue the taped side of the mermaid tail to one side of the funnel

8. Hot glue the taped side of the other mermaid tail to the other side of the funnel

9. Bedazzle the valve and tale if desired

10. Beer bong away! 

We ended up naming this beer bong Pearl - after Kaylie's childhood mermaid name.  Yes, she used to pretended she was a mermaid, and yes, she called herself Pearl. #mermaidobsessed  All in all, Pearl was a hit and made this little mermaid's birthday party memorable - at least the first half ;)