Let's Get Weird: 7-11-Doubles

If there is one thing you should know about our crew, it's that we love our drinking games.  If you ever find yourself invited to one of our parties, you better come ready to play!  Every day this week, in preparation for July 4th Weekend, we're going to teach you all some of our squad's favorite drinking games. There are 3 days of fun coming up and we want to be sure you make the most of it!  

Please note:  We do NOT play games where only a few people can participate while the rest just stand around and watch... that's boring and it sucks when you aren't playing! Our games can include everyone... that's right EVERYONE! Seriously, if you have 25 people - everyone can play.  The more the merrier! 

Today, we're going to start with something easy: 7-11-Doubles (aka 7-11-Dubs)

Items Needed

  • Pair of dice 
  • 2+ players (Best to play with 3+, but you could play with 2+ if you feel like getting drunk quickly)
  • Beer
  • Empty cup (best to play with a clear cup)


  1. Pour about 1 to 2 inches of beer into the cup
  2. Player 1 rolls the dice
  3. If he/she rolls a 7, 11 or a double he/she chooses someone to drink the cup (the drinker).
    • If they do NOT roll a 7, 11 or double the dice go to the next player.      
  4. If player 1 (the Roller) rolls a 7, 11 or doubles he/she choses a drinker.  Once the drinker touches the cup, the Roller starts rolling again.
  5. If the Roller gets a 7, 11 or double before the drinker puts the cup down, it starts over: refill the beer 1 to 2 inches, wait for the drinker to touch the cup, and roll again until you get a 7,11, or double - or until the drinker puts his/her cup down. This keeps going until the roller does NOT roll a 7, 11 or double.  
    • NOTE 1: If the Roller touches the dice before the drinker, the Roller has to drink the beer, and loses his/her turn.  
    • NOTE 2: If there is any question about a tie (i.e. if the dice stops rolling as soon as the cup is down) it always goes to the Roller.
    • NOTE 3: Once the drinker takes the first cup, anyone case save him/her.  
  6. Pass the dice to the next person whenever a 7,11, or double is not rolled. 
  7. Keep playing until you're out of beer! 

The point of this game is to drink the beer in the cup faster than the roller can roll a 7,11, or doubles! The roller gets as many chances to roll a 7, 11, or doubles until the drinker puts the cup down.