Let's Get Weird: Kings Cup

Today, we're going to teach you 'Kings Cup'!  Everyone has their own version of playing, but we'd like to think our's is the best! We swap out the common, boring rules with funny, more entertaining ones.  Ready to learn?  Alright, let's get weird! 

Items needed:

  • Deck of Cards
  • 3+ Players (If you have a lot of people - just use 2 decks of cards)


  1. Spread a shuffled deck of cards face-down, in a circle 
  2. Player 1 flips over a card (any card in the circle)
  3. Below are the rules to each card.  Find the card you pulled below, and do what it says:
    • Ace: "Waterfall"
      • Person who picked the card starts drinking, then the person to the left of player 1 starts drinking, then the player to their left starts drinking, and so on.  Players do not stop drinking until the person on their right stops.  (This can go for a long time if the person on your right wants to get hammered.)
    • 2: To you
      • Choose someone to take 2 drinks
    • 3: To me
      • You have to take 3 drinks
    • 4: Rock Paper Scissors (No "4 is for whores" here!)
      • Choose someone to compete with and play Rock Paper Scissors.  If you lose, you drink
    • 5: 5-Man (Click here to learn 5-man)
      • Play one round of 5-man.  Loser drinks! 
    • 6: Thumb Master
      • If you pulled a 6, you are the thumb master!  This means you get to sneakily put your thumb on the edge of the table and last person to put their thumb on the table loses and drinks.  It's hysterical because it usually takes people a while to notice your thumb is on the table, you could be holding it there for a while before someone catches on! Your reign as Thumb Master ends when someone else pulls a 6. 
    • 7: 7-11-dubs (Click here to learn 7-11-doubles)
      • Play one round of 7-11-dubs. First person to roll a 7, 11 or double picks someone to drink.  If the roller gets a 7,11 or double before the drinker puts her drink down - drinker has to drink again! If not, game is over and next person flips over a card.
    • 8: Pick A Mate
      • Choose someone that has to drink with you every time you have to drink. She will be your mate for the rest of the game! 
    • 9: Bust a Rhyme 
      • If you pulled a 9, you have to come up with a word for everyone to Rhyme with.  You could just say one word, but it's more fun when you say a sentence.  
      • Example 1: If you choose the word "Cat" or the phrase "I like my cat" the person next to you could say "hat" or "I have a hat" then the next person could say "fat" or "I feel fat" - or whatever word/phrase comes to their head that rhymes.  
    • 10: Categories
      • If you pull a 10, you get to choose a category.  For example, if you choose "types of beers" - everyone goes around in a circle naming beers (i.e. Coors Light, Budweiser, Dos Equis....) until someone gets stumped.  If you get stumped (can't answer in 3 seconds) you drink!
    • Jack: Never Have I Ever
      • Everyone holds 3 fingers up, and says something they have never done that they think someone (or multiple people have done).  When someone mentions something they've never done, but you have done - you have to put a finger down.  The person who pulled the card goes first.  The first person to put all three fingers down drinks.  
    • Queen: Question Master
      • If you pull a Queen you are the questions master.  This means that people have to drink if they answer a question from you.  Be sly in your delivery and try to stump people - it's funny when people get caught off guard and answer one of your questions!  Example: You could say "hey... who's turn is it again?" and if someone answers - they drink! Your reign as Question Master ends when someone else pulls a queen. 
    • King: Make a Rule
      • If you pull a King you get to say a rule that everyone has to do for the rest of the game.  
      • Common examples:
        1. Everyone has to drink with their left hand.   
        2. No saying names
        3. No pointing
      • Creative examples: 
        1. Before every turn you have to say a movie quote
        2. You have to speak in an accent for the rest of the game
        3. You can't show your teeth when you talk
  4. The game ends when the 4th King is pulled. It's up to the group to choose what the punishment is. Here are some examples:
    1.  You can do the traditional way, where the loser drinks out of a cup that is placed in the center of the cards. Every time someone pulls a King they pour 1/3 of their drink into this empty cup, and last person to pull a King pours the rest of their drink into this cup, and drinks it all! 
    2. Have the loser drink a full beer
    3. Shotgun a beer
    4. Beer Bong
    5. Take a shot