Lets Get Weird: 5-Man

NeonBeige is teaching a drinking game every day this week in preparation for the 3-day weekend! Our group loves games, and we're sharing some of our favorites! Today's game is one called 5-Man. Shout out to Kaylie for teaching us this wonderfully easy game we can play anywhere, anytime!  All you need are hands and beer! 

Items Needed:

  • Beer
  • 3+ Players


  1. Form a circle
  2. Every player place their hands like a fist in the middle of the circle
  3. Player one counts off "one....two..." and everyone shakes their hand in a "rock paper scissors" motion following the count.  At the third count, player 1 guesses a multiple of 5 based on how many people are playing.  For example: if there are 5 people playing, player one would guess a multiple of 5 between 0 and 25.  So, player one would sound like this: "one...two.... twenty [or any number she chooses to guess]", after the second count every player decides to either leave their first closed or open their hand, holding out all five fingers. If player one guesses the correct amount, she is out - for example, if player one said "one...two.... fifteen" and there were 3 people holding out 5, that would be correct!  If she guesses incorrectly [for example - if she said "one...two... fifteen" and there were only 2 people holding out 5's] she is still in and the next person guesses.  Watch the video below!
  4. Once it comes down to the final two, the opponents guess either 0, 5 or 10.  The first person to guess it correctly is out, and the loser has to finish her beer (or you can make them take a shot or do a beer bong - just depends how hard ya'll want to go!)
Twist:  If you want to add a little more fun to this, make "No Celebrating" a rule.  So when someone gets out and celebrates her win, she is automatically back in the game!  It's hilarious!