DIY Makeup Bag using Ashley Behnke Fabric

If you have fabric left over from a project, don't toss it!  There are so many amazing things you can make using extra fabric, such as: headbandsbraceletsgift wrapwall art... the possibilities are endless with what you can do! 

We recently received an amazing fabric sample from our fellow TomBabe, Ashley Behnke.  Ashley shares surface design tips and tricks on her blog, Ashley Behnke Design - make sure to check it out.  In addition to these helpful tips, she creates and sells unique prints attainable for the scrappy small business owner - and the prints she creates are fabulous.  After much debate as to what to do with the super cute fabric she sent us (nuts in yellow), I decided to create a makeup bag! Here's how I did it: 


You'll need the following items to create this makeup bag:

  • Fabrics (2 kinds - main and liner)
  • 14" Zipper
  • Needle and Thread (or sewing machine)


Measure and cut your fabrics to about 30cm x 40cm

Lay main fabric up with design side showing, then lay the zipper on the top of main fabric, then lay liner fabric on top of zipper.  Sew these together. 

Lay fabric apart, fold both fabrics over and sew to zipper, creating two bags on either end.  

Place the bags inside each other and sew open edges together.    

Flip back rightside out through the zipper, and presto! You have your own, hand-made makeup bag!