Let's Get Weird: The Game

We have saved the best drinking game for last! "The Game" is by far our favorite.  There may be other names for this - but this game tops all games, so we just named it "The Game".  It's a mix of Beer Pong and Flip Cup, and again, everyone can play!  One time we had about 30 people playing, and it was phenomenal.  We're so excited to teach you the rules, and can't wait for you to join the fun! Ready?  Let's get weird!

Items Needed:

  • 6+ people (3+ on each team)
  • An abundant amount of beer (you go through a lot very quickly)
  • Ping Pong Ball (only one is needed, but it helps to a have a few in case one gets lost)
  • 2 Water Cups (one on each side to rinse the ball)


If you're like us, you learn better with visuals.  So before I start explaining the rules, take a look at this infograph:

To sum it up before the rules get too confusing -  If there are 6 players on each team, one person is the shooter and the other 5 are playing Flip Cup.  The shooter plays Beer Pong, when a cup is made Flip Cup decides whether or not that cup can be taken away.  Alright - let's get down to the details:

  1. Choose teams.  There needs to be the same amount of people on both teams. 
  2. Set up 6 cups in a beer pong triangle formation, on opposite ends of the table.  Fill each cup with 1-2 inches of beer.
  3. The game starts as beer pong would, with one person on each team as the shooter.
  4. The rest of the team lines up on opposite sides of the table facing each other, and sets a cup filled with 1-2 inches of beer in front of them  - like Flip Cup. 
  5. Shooters play "rock, papers, scissors" to see who starts.  
  6. Shooter who wins "rock, paper, scissors" shoots first (Beer Pong style). This goes back and forth between shooters until someone makes it into a cup. 
    • If the shooter on your team makes a cup, the teammate on the right of the shooter begins the Flip Cup line. 
    • Meanwhile, the opponent has to drink the cup you made the ball into.  Once they put their cup down, the person to the right of their shooter can start playing flip cup. [So if you lose, your essentially one cup behind the other team]
    • If the team who made the cup wins flip cup, that cup in the triangle gets taken away. But, if the team who made the cup loses flip cup, the cup gets refilled and placed back in the triangle like nothing happened.  [So, if you make the cup - you need to win flip cup in order for that cup to be removed.] 
  7. Once flip cup ends and the cup is either refilled or taken away, the shooter moves to the end of the Flip Cup line and every player moves to their left and the game begins again! 
  8. The point of the game is to get all your cups removed before the other team (just like beer pong).  

I hope this wasn't too confusing!  Follow us on SnapChat, Facebook and Instagram this weekend to see this game in action! There might seem like a lot of rules, but it's super easy once you start playing :)  I hope everyone has a great 4th of July Weekend.  Now, go get weird!